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In 2011, Social5's founders were hard at work on a community-safety website commissioned by a local small business. They quickly realized that the unique marketing approach they created for this project had incredible potential for revolutionizing marketing for small businesses in general. Fueled by this vision, in 2012, from a vacant bridal shop in Orem, Utah, Social5 was born.

Since then, Social5 has grown immensely - adding new products and services, expanding internationally and into foreign-language markets. As of 2017, Social5's team comprises 70 individuals located across the United States and the world. By design, the team has a variety of backgrounds and experience in various industries and markets, granting us a unique perspective on what it takes to digitally market a small business.

What We Do

At Social5, we're excited to work with small businesses in any industry to address their specific needs and goals. We apply custom-made tools, processes, and content to ensure a low-cost and high-quality experience for our customers.

Social5 University is the educational arm of Social5. With these courses, we aim to arm small business owners and marketers with the skills they need to stand apart from the competition. Success in digital marketing doesn't need to be expensive and time-consuming. In these courses, we show how you can grow your business and make progress online even if you only have a few spare minutes a day.
Whether you're looking to hone your skills or benefit from our products and services, we're happy to help! Please contact us so we can understand your goals and share how we can help!

“Small business owners have too little of both time and money, but they realize that they can't afford to ignore digital marketing. That's where Social5 comes in.”

Rich Christiansen, Co-Founder and Chief Technology Officer

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Lauren Newell

Social Marketing Strategist
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Holli Weiss

Social Media Strategist

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Chief Financial Officer

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Chief Marketing Officer

Marty Haws

Chief Revenue Officer

Rich Christiansen

Chief Technology Officer

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Chief Operating Officer